Welcome to the 12 Worlds!

For several years, I’ve been working on a custom campaign setting known as the 12 Worlds. It’s a setting in progress, and I’m letting the games I run help flesh out the setting even more. I’m currently running my 2nd campaign in the 12 worlds setting, a campaign I’ve very tentatively called “Dragonscape.”

This campaign is being run in person, currently hosted out of my home in Las Vegas, NV. We have had as few as 4 players (not counting myself as DM), and at one point we were up to 8 regular PCs plus my DM-run PC. We’ve also had several observers, and my game has been running (with breaks for other games in the middle) since mid-2008. We’re still running 3.5, but I’m considering transitioning the 12 Worlds into the Pathfinder system when this campaign is over.

This particular campaign started at 5th level, and as of September 2010 average party level is 13th.

12 Worlds Dragonscape

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