12 Worlds Dragonscape

Friday, 1/29/11

Avriln 19th, 2054

We resume our campaign in Act 2 with the party deciding how to proceed. After some deliberation, it was decided that they should go to Baley, the seat of clan Hox. Lumia used a few spells to determine the location closest to Baley into which they could safely teleport. Using the merchant can, the party hired a wizard to teleport everyone to that location, which with a little investigation turned out to be behind the woodpile of a tavern.

Lumia, Masin, and Maread negotiated the rent of a few camels, and the party then set out to cross the five miles between this tavern and Baley proper. Just over a hundred yards from the main gate, Maread noticed that the gate guards were brass draconians, and the party diverted to an inn showing the sign of a unicorn painted red. Not surprisingly, the inn was called the Red Unicorn. Three rooms were obtained, and most of the party went upstairs to plan the next move. Discretion was necessary, as another trio of draconians was drinking in the common room.

Lumia went back downstairs to chat with the innkeeper, who provided her with some new information but was ultimately less than helpful. Over the course of the discussion, Lumiaattracted the attention of one of the draconians, and Valogue came downstairs just in time to notice this fact. He took a seat at one of the tables, waiting to see if more action would be necessary.



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