12 Worlds Dragonscape

Monday, 8/23/10

Avriln 6th, 2053

We now return you to your regularly scheduled adventure log, already in progress!

With Erenna’s constructs carrying the party, the pillars of peril are easily bypassed, leading to a ring-shaped platform seated atop the pillars. The ceiling of the chamber was thus revealed as a glowing screen with Draconic runes dancing across its surface, careful examination by the spellcasters revealed it to be a variation on a wall of force. Valouge’s contact hit the ceiling with a fireball, which opened up a hole in the ceiling for a few seconds, but that hole closed rapidly behind the two extraplanar entities that emerged.

The two arcanatons, beings that exist to “clean” old magics by devouring any spells or effects they encounter, attacked the group and managed to deal minor damage before being summarily destroyed. Scavengers rarely have the might to withstand a frontal assault by a prepared foe. The gap in the ceiling closed before the arcanatons were defeated, and the warmage was forced to spend another fireball to open the wall again.

The chamber at the top was revealed to be a large dome within the solid rock, the walls adorned with forty dragon heads in stone, each with a stone claw reaching out from the wall below, holding what appears to be a glass orb. The center of the chamber is dominated by two iron pillars rising 50 feet into the air, lances of arcane fire arcing perpetually between the tips of the obelisks. Under the fire lay a sea of crystals, a thin gap of a few inches noticeable in the center where the line between obelisks was broken.

Upon entering, the group was challenged by a disembodied voice, instructing them to surrender the brooch (the one Erenna was using to control the constructs) and leave. The group did not submit, causing the voice to reveal itself as a very old green dragon, who claimed to be the guardian of this place, the holy of holies within the heart of Shearphorus. Believing this claim to be false, Astria charged forward to strike the dragon, only to find her sword slashing through the illusion of a dragon. Thus battle was joined!

Lumia cast true seeing upon herself, giving her the first true look at the group’s powerful foe. Athear also flew further into the room, questing with her non-visual senses, and between the two of them were able to advise the rest of the party of the dragon’s general location. The dragon responded with what appeared to be a lightning bolt, but Lumia could see clearly was actually a form of teleportation, placing the dragon right behind her foes’ backs. With Athena’s help, the dragon was coated in glitterdust, revealing her location for all to see and removing the defense of invisibility.

The battle raged fierce as Culpangia, for Athear knew her name, lashed out with tooth and claw, seizing the warmage in her mouth and Astria in her tail, grappling both. She attempted to do the same to both Gorefang and Lumia, only to be stymied by their rings of freedom of movement. The party retaliated, and Gwinni fired off one of her most fell spells, only to find it reflected back at her by the spell turning effect that Culpangia had prepared.

With Maread’s timely assistance, Astria was able to escape Culpangia’s tail before it could do much harm, and Athena was able to strip Culpangia of her spell turning. The blows continued to rain in as Culpangia swallowed the warmage, then transmuted herself to lightning once again to escape the ring of foes that had encircled her, winding up between the party and the wall of force. Athena was able to strike with a ray that removed much of Culpangia’s Dexterity, and Maraed let fly with another charge from her wand of missiles.

In the end, Culpangia turned to breathe a cone of acid on the wall of force, and dove through, fleeing with the warmage still trapped in her gullet. The action will begin immediately in our next session as the party plans to pursue, not wanting this potent a foe to escape, especially not with an ally trapped inside!



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