12 Worlds Dragonscape

Saturday, 6/5/10

Avriln 4th & 5th, 2053

Short version, I may come back to flesh in details later. We were in the dragon graveyard at dragonfall, Crystalbeard just bit the bucket. The party retreated to the edge of the graveyard to await Athearlatrix and the clerical assistance Valogue summoned, and spent a night in the building provided by the party’s house key.

By midafternoon the next day, the party was tired of waiting so Nasim teleported everyone back to Aroon’s basement in Dzorz, where Maraed snuck upstairs with Astria to check out what was going on. Meanwhile, Lumia and Athearlatrix were trying to bluff their way past the guards upstairs with little to no success. Maraed was able to overhear this, and with some dimensional doors Nasim provided, the group was united in the basement and passed through the teleportation circle back to dragonfall.

Once there, the group restarted their trek through the wasteland, encountering a strange flying construct that took a swipe at them with a line of electricity before “glitching” and starting to fly off. Astria was not content to let it go so followed with a searing charge to slam it in the air, fall 25 feet, and stick the landing just in time to have Nasim’s next bolts destroy the thing, erupting in an area burst of electricity that cleared Astria’s head by inches. Otherwise the trek across the ash dunes was uneventful.

Once out of the dunes, the party was able to see a strange structure on the horizon, circled by one of the strange flying constructs. This one ignored the party as they got close, allowing everyone to open up with ranged attacks in a surprise assault that completely annihilated the construct. This one blew up in a welter of acid, leading the group to suspect that there are different elemental varieties.

Investigating the structure itself revealed a strange spiral of bone walls, the center of which contained a blue dragon skeleton with the draconic for “guardian” carved into its bones, but its head had been caved in and completely destroyed. A careful search turned up a green dragon scale, which was identified as coming from the tail, leading to many questions about what has happened here.



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