12 Worlds Dragonscape

Sunday, 7/25/10

Avriln 5th, 2053

Fresh from last session’s cliffhanger, our bard, upon being faced with an undead dragon of unknown ability, reached into his trusty bag of tricks and drew forth a furry ball, which he threw towards the dragon, summoning a heavy warhorse. He also screamed like a sissy girl.

The dragon responded by breathing a cone of corrosive gas, and the battle was joined! Gwinni was her usual slow-to-act self, but everyone else was able to get at least one hit in, and took down the threat in remarkable time. Before they did though, the dragon pulled a Yoshi and snaked its tongue out to lick Valouge’s warmage ally and swallow him whole. Thankfully, the dragon’s explosive end freed the fiery mage from his gizzard prison, and Deirdre dismissed the lake of magma she summoned to cause the dragon’s demise.

Moving forward, the party braved the waving tendrils that had emerged from the floor, walls, and ceiling at the dragon’s command, and weathered with ease the gentle rain of acid that fell. The group searched for a way out of the cavern, multiple casters attempting to dispel the doors before the bard, in a fit of frustration, cursed at the doors in Draconic to simply “open!” which they of course promptly did. The lesson here, boys and girls, is that sometimes opening a door really is as easy as asking nicely.

The massive crypt doors opened onto an even more massive spiral ramp, spiraling up to a faint light to the left, or down into gloom and doom to the right. They of course went left, and after a bit of upwards climbing found themselves facing a massive circular courtyard of sorts, at the base of the unimaginably tall rock chimney that is Shearphorus. Two of the automatons that had been tangled with previously were stationed in the courtyard, one aligned of ice and the other of electricity. Both were handled easily, and the group thought that was all until a lance of purple energy crackled out of one of the passages high on the rock walls to blast into Deirdre. The shadowy figure moved back into the concealment of the passage, leaving its identity a total mystery.

Gwinni immediately shifted form to that of a dire eagle, and picked up her weasel to fly up to the passage. With the cunning use of an updraft spell, she was able to catch a glimpse of the party’s assailant, although she could not relate this information to the rest of the group in her current form.

Yay! New cliffhanger and more snarky DM banter for next week! Er… wait… ignore that last one! ;-)



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