12 Worlds Dragonscape

Sunday, 8/8/10

Avriln 5th-6th, 2053

With the climactic battle over, the party took a cautious stance as eight falling “dots” resolved themselves as constructs that had been positioned at the throat of Shearphorus. The group fired a few salvos as they fell, but the constructs completed their fall by crashing spectacularly into the ground below, making no moves to defend themselves. Astria fired a burst of flame at one, and when it made no move to defend itself, Lumia cast an augury to determine the wisdom in attacking the constructs. She found that it would be wisest not to do so, and the party left the constructs alone. The party retreated and made their way into the area from whence their invisible assailants emerged, to use their house key and rest for the evening.

The next morning the exploration resumed, by going down the long shaft found in that chamber, coming out in the end to some sort of workshop, set with four large iron ports in the walls, and a workbench in the corner next to a pile of iron scraps. The pile was revealed to be the remains of a combat-oriented homunculus, and investigation of the ports in the walls showed that each produced a line of energy, one each for fire, acid, electricity, and cold. Opening all four ports at once proved to have no effect, so the group ferried up on Gwinni’s back and then down once more to the floor of the chamber below.

The bard, in the meantime, had elected to put on the crystal brooch worn by one of their assailants, and immediately found himself with a renewed insight into the workings of constructs, but the biggest surprise was yet to come. Upon catching sight of the abandoned constructs at the base of Shearphorus, he was filled with the sudden realization that this brooch conferred command of the constructs to its wearer, and as long as he could see a construct, he could command it at will.

Everyone then tramped up the circular ramp to the top, where a door opened to the presence of Athearlatrix, revealing a large circular chamber lashed by storms. Astria was the only one to explore far past the door, dodging countless lightning bolts and shrugging off others thanks to the resistance provided by her armor. A thorough examination of the promontory inside the door revealed nothing of interest, so the group retreated to the courtyard, there to consider options.



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