Gwinnilump Frinkle Woodwalker Waybell Nollywoll Hiddentwig

Forest Gnome Druid


Forest Gnome

Height: 2 ft. Weight: 15 lbs. Age: 66

Eyes: Yellow Hair: Lt. Gray Skin: Green

Class: Druid 11/ Beastmaster 1

HP: 88

Str: 10
Dex: 14
Con: 14
Wis: 17
Int: 13
Cha: 11

Fort: 11
Ref: 7
Will: 10

Total: 17
Flatfoot: 15
Touch: 13


Early Life

Gwinnilump was born to Jellibell Woodwalker, a reclusive forest gnome and dabbler in magic and alchemy; and Merwin Frinkle, a farmer and homesteader. Tiny and slight, she took after her mother in appearance. She spent the early years of her life living out on the edges of Feniwin Forest on a small patch of land with her parents and older brother, learning mysticism and animal-speak from her mother and self-sufficiency from her father. However, at the age of 20, a tribe of kobolds descended on the forest valley and established a colony in the nearby foothills. Although Gwinnilump and her family escaped detection from the raiding parties that began to scout through the woods, Merwin understood the danger that the new neighbors presented and quickly moved his family back to Corkin, the gnome town where he was raised.

Corkin provided shelter and security for the Frinkle clan, although Gwinnilump and her mother had difficulty adjusting. But for Gwinnilump the move afforded a new opportunity that was rare in the wild, socialization. She adapted to social life better than most forest gnomes ever do and earned a few friends and playmates, but she never truly fit in and remained an outcast in Corkin.

She spent more and more time wandering out into the woods, finding contentment in the midst of nature. Upon coming of age, she struck out on her own into the forests, gifted with her father’s masterwork sickle with which to defend herself and aid her in gathering food. After a few years of solitary life away from civilization, she encountered a strange wolf. Speaking to the wolf in the simple language of woodland animals, she noticed a look of unmistakable surprise on its face. Befriending the wolf and meeting it regularly, Gwinnilump realized that this creature was unusually intelligent. In time, the wolf revealed itself to be a druid, wild-shaped into the guise of an animal. The druid decided to tutor Gwinnilump and initiate her into the deeper mysteries of nature. Here she was gifted with the name “Hiddentwig,” and soon became a druid in her own right.

Continuing her studies independently, Gwinnilump one day encountered a troop of kobolds near her forest. They had captured a young dire weasel, along with other livestock. The sight of captivity sickening her, Gwinnilump quietly freed the animals, but the dire weasel refused to leave her side. Calling him Grimtooth, she formed a deep friendship and a profound bond with the fast-growing weasel who became her constant companion and aided her on her adventures.

Name Significance

Gwinnilump – Given name.

Frinkle – Father’s family name.

Woodwalker – Mother’s family name.

Waybell – Name given by friends and relatives in Corkin.

Nollywoll – Coming-of-age name, self-chosen shortly before leaving civilization.

Hiddentwig – Name given by druid tutor; sometimes spoken in Druidic.

“Strawberry” – Nickname given by playmates in Corkin, referring to her green, freckled complexion.

Gwinnilump Frinkle Woodwalker Waybell Nollywoll Hiddentwig

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