Tibur Valogue ux Bahamuti

Dragonborn: Paladin 8/Dragon Lord 4


Tibur Valogue ux Bahamuti: Male Dragonborn of Bahamut Pal8/DrgL4; CR 12;
Medium Humanoid (human, dragonblood);

HD 12d10+36; hp 129;

Init +1; Spd 20 ft/x4;

AC 28 (+10 armor, +4 shield, +1 dex, +1 natural, +1 deflection, +1 misc), touch 13, flat-footed 27, 32 vs Dragons

Base Atk/Grapple 12/15;

Full Atk 16/11/6 One-handed (1d83;19-20/x2, Flame Tongue of Vanishing);

SA&SQ Aura of Good(Ex), Turn Undead(Su), Code of Conduct, Detect Evil(Sp), Smite Evil(Su), Divine Grace(Su), Lay on Hands(Su), Aura of Courage(Su), Divine Health(Ex), Special Mount(Sp), Remove Disease(Sp), Draconic Aura(Su), × Energy Aura, × Resistance Aura, Reckless Devotion(Su), Divide and Conquer(Ex), Dragon Leadership(Ex);

SR 0; AL LG; SV Fort +17, Ref +8, Will +8;

Str 14(2), Dex 12(1), Con 16(3), Int 10(0), Wis 13(1), Cha 18(4);

Skills: Diplomacy¹ +10, Intimidate¹ +13, Ride¹ +8, 0.

Skill Tricks: .

Traits: .

Flaws: .

Maneuvers and Stances: .

Feats: Exotic Weapon Proficiency (PH 94) (Maul), True Believer (CD 86), Dragon Cohort (Dr 104), Dragon Hunter (Dr 104), Double Draconic Aura (DM 16), Divine Protection(User), Personal Contacts(User).

Racial Abilities:

× -2 Dexterity, +2 Constitution

× Base land speed of 30 feet.

× Darkvision 60 feet.

× Low-Light Vision

× Immunity to frightful presence of dragons

× +2 dodge bonus against dragons

× Draconic aspect: Heart (Su).

× Breath weapon: 60 foot line dealing 6d8 Reflex DC19 (DC20 for fire/acid) for 1/2.

× Favored Class: Any

Class Abilities:

× Aura of Good(Ex): You have a strong aura of Good.

× Turn Undead(Su): Can turn undead 7 times per day. A turning check is
made on 1d20+4; turning damage is equal to 2d6+9 on a successful check.

× Code of Conduct: You must remain Lawful Good. You must respect
legitimate authority, act with honor, help those in need, and punish
those that harm or threaten innocents. You must never knowingly associate
with evil characters, or those that consistently offend your moral code.

× Detect Evil(Sp): At will, as the spell.

× Smite Evil(Su): 2 time(s) per day, you can add +4 to your attack roll;
if the creature you strike is evil, you inflict an extra 8 points of damage.

× Divine Grace(Su): Add +4 to all saves.

× Lay on Hands(Su): As a standard action, you can heal yourself or
someone else. You can cure a total of 32 points of damage per day. These
points can also be used to harm undead.

× Aura of Courage: +1 to attacks 10ft.

× Divine Health(Ex): You are immune to all diseases, including magical
diseases such as mummy rot and lycanthropy.

× Special Mount(Sp): You can now call an especially intelligent, strong,
and loyal steed to serve you.

× Remove Disease(Sp): You can cast remove disease 1 time(s) per week, as
the spell.

× Draconic Aura(Su): (+1) You can channel powers of dragonkind that grant
you and nearby allies special benefits.

× Energy Aura: +1 bonus on the save DC for Acid effects. × Resistance Aura: Gain resistance Fire 5.

× Reckless Devotion(Su): 1 time per day, you can inspire 4 allies,
granting them 5 temporary hitpoints, a +1 bonus on melee attack and melee
damage rolls, and a +1 bonus on saves. Your cohorts or followers gain
double the benefits. All benefits last for 4 rounds.

× Divide and Conquer(Ex): When you are flanked by two or more creatures,
you gain a +2 bonus on damage rolls against each flanker.

× Dragon Leadership(Ex): You add 2 to your leadership score for the
purpose of attracting a cohort with the dragonblood subtype.


Tibur Valogue ux Bahamuti

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