Loce’s Will

The maul Valogue uses

weapon (melee)

(Valouge’s Maul)

  • MW Maul Base (315gp)
  • Energy Aura (cost as +2 bonus)
  • Sudden Stunning (+2000gp)
  • Enhancement bonus +2
  • Dragondoom (cost as +1 bonus)
  • Bane, dragon (cost as +1 bonus)
  • Resounding (cost as +1 bonus)
  • Vanishing (+8,000gp)

Relic Abilities: +10 equivalent

  • Sacred Shield (cost as +2 bonus)
  • Area Sacred Shield [Synergy] (cost as +1 bonus)

Total value 210,315gp


Valogue had this maul enchanted to help him fight the evil dragons that threaten the order of the land

Loce’s Will

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