12 Worlds Dragonscape

Friday, 1/29/11
Avriln 19th, 2054

We resume our campaign in Act 2 with the party deciding how to proceed. After some deliberation, it was decided that they should go to Baley, the seat of clan Hox. Lumia used a few spells to determine the location closest to Baley into which they could safely teleport. Using the merchant can, the party hired a wizard to teleport everyone to that location, which with a little investigation turned out to be behind the woodpile of a tavern.

Lumia, Masin, and Maread negotiated the rent of a few camels, and the party then set out to cross the five miles between this tavern and Baley proper. Just over a hundred yards from the main gate, Maread noticed that the gate guards were brass draconians, and the party diverted to an inn showing the sign of a unicorn painted red. Not surprisingly, the inn was called the Red Unicorn. Three rooms were obtained, and most of the party went upstairs to plan the next move. Discretion was necessary, as another trio of draconians was drinking in the common room.

Lumia went back downstairs to chat with the innkeeper, who provided her with some new information but was ultimately less than helpful. Over the course of the discussion, Lumiaattracted the attention of one of the draconians, and Valogue came downstairs just in time to notice this fact. He took a seat at one of the tables, waiting to see if more action would be necessary.

Monday, 8/30/10
Avriln 6th, 2053

With Culpangia’s rapid departure from the heart of Shearphorus, Gwinni shifted her spell to clear the way, and grabbed on to Gorefang as he rocketed by to send the two of them in hot pursuit of the fleeing dragon. The two plummeted down the 600-ft. drop, speeding towards the slowly-falling Culpangia. Gwinni blasted her with a sudden downdraft, before swiftly casting an updraft on herself and the weasel to slow their falls and come to a gentle landing. Gwinni then assumed the form of a large dinosaur, presenting the dragon with two tempting targets.

Astria jumped down to the ring platform, while Erenna dropped like a stone, pulling out of a free fall just out of Culpangia‘s reach above her. Valogue duplicated this stunt, while both Lumia and Deirdre hopped down and used feather fall to ensure a safe descent. While some where jumping, Athena tried to grab others and teleport into the dragon’s path, only to find herself stymied by some magic blocking her teleportation. This left Maread able only to fire a missile from her wand at Culpangia, further angering the dragon.

Culpangia attempted to use her size and weight to simply run over Gwinni and gorefang, but was unable to overpower Gwinni in her new form (although it was close). Culpangia was pushed back, where a rain of blows fell on her from the party’s next wave of attacks. The final straw came from the warmage that she found a little too hard to digest, as he blasted her with a cone of cold that would prove ultimately fatal. Valogue cut off the head to take back to his guild as a trophy, and Gwinni removed the brain to preserve it for questioning later. We don’t want to know how Gwinni plans to do that.

Upon arriving back in the chamber where Culpangia formerly lurked, the party spread out to try and see what they could discover. Maread quickly noticed a locked chest by one of the carved dragon heads, and picked the lock to reveal a cache of coins, jewelry, and gemstones, as well as an adamantine rapier that she claimed for herself. With more searching, the party realized that each of the 40 bas-relief dragon heads actually referenced a different clan, and when they began talking things out, it quickly became obvious that these were the clan paragons, dragons that perfectly embodied the precepts of their clans.

With a flash of insight, Athear realized why they were here, and what they had just prevented. Although Mirrym had sworn her to silence as to the true nature of Shearphorus, the time had come to break that vow, at least in her mind. She then revealed that Shearphorus is a repository of draconic souls, to serve as the clans’ “final answer” should something arise that could unite the clans. At that time, the paragons would rise again, wielding all the power of all their descendants who made the pilgrimage to Shearphorus. If the paragons arose and acted in unison, their combined power is more than that wielded by any Patron, including Loce. This invasion of Shearphorus was obviously intended to be the first step in the subversion of its power.

Erenna reluctantly agreed to replace the brooch in the pattern of crystal growth on the floor of this chamber, where it immediately melded into place and the room filled with a faint hum. The spirit of Auronorex appeared and congratulated the party on restoring Shearphorus to its proper order, his first work as the new Seneschal was to pardon everyone for trespassing upon holy ground and to create a doorway for them to return to his former abode in Dzorz. He also promised to reward the group, that agents of his would deliver these rewards.

As a final thought, before passing through the door, Valogue took the time to speak with Auronorex about the purpose of his guild, and that his aims seemed to be well in line with the changes that he would be enacting at Shearphorus. Valogue has been growing less concerned with the jiilaer belief that Mirrym proposed, and interested more in preserving the balance between the clans – the entire purpose of the treaty of Shearphorus. Auronorex approved of this move, and as a result has granted the guild an adventuring mandate, backed by the Seneschal of Shearphorus.

Monday, 8/23/10
Avriln 6th, 2053

We now return you to your regularly scheduled adventure log, already in progress!

With Erenna’s constructs carrying the party, the pillars of peril are easily bypassed, leading to a ring-shaped platform seated atop the pillars. The ceiling of the chamber was thus revealed as a glowing screen with Draconic runes dancing across its surface, careful examination by the spellcasters revealed it to be a variation on a wall of force. Valouge’s contact hit the ceiling with a fireball, which opened up a hole in the ceiling for a few seconds, but that hole closed rapidly behind the two extraplanar entities that emerged.

The two arcanatons, beings that exist to “clean” old magics by devouring any spells or effects they encounter, attacked the group and managed to deal minor damage before being summarily destroyed. Scavengers rarely have the might to withstand a frontal assault by a prepared foe. The gap in the ceiling closed before the arcanatons were defeated, and the warmage was forced to spend another fireball to open the wall again.

The chamber at the top was revealed to be a large dome within the solid rock, the walls adorned with forty dragon heads in stone, each with a stone claw reaching out from the wall below, holding what appears to be a glass orb. The center of the chamber is dominated by two iron pillars rising 50 feet into the air, lances of arcane fire arcing perpetually between the tips of the obelisks. Under the fire lay a sea of crystals, a thin gap of a few inches noticeable in the center where the line between obelisks was broken.

Upon entering, the group was challenged by a disembodied voice, instructing them to surrender the brooch (the one Erenna was using to control the constructs) and leave. The group did not submit, causing the voice to reveal itself as a very old green dragon, who claimed to be the guardian of this place, the holy of holies within the heart of Shearphorus. Believing this claim to be false, Astria charged forward to strike the dragon, only to find her sword slashing through the illusion of a dragon. Thus battle was joined!

Lumia cast true seeing upon herself, giving her the first true look at the group’s powerful foe. Athear also flew further into the room, questing with her non-visual senses, and between the two of them were able to advise the rest of the party of the dragon’s general location. The dragon responded with what appeared to be a lightning bolt, but Lumia could see clearly was actually a form of teleportation, placing the dragon right behind her foes’ backs. With Athena’s help, the dragon was coated in glitterdust, revealing her location for all to see and removing the defense of invisibility.

The battle raged fierce as Culpangia, for Athear knew her name, lashed out with tooth and claw, seizing the warmage in her mouth and Astria in her tail, grappling both. She attempted to do the same to both Gorefang and Lumia, only to be stymied by their rings of freedom of movement. The party retaliated, and Gwinni fired off one of her most fell spells, only to find it reflected back at her by the spell turning effect that Culpangia had prepared.

With Maread’s timely assistance, Astria was able to escape Culpangia’s tail before it could do much harm, and Athena was able to strip Culpangia of her spell turning. The blows continued to rain in as Culpangia swallowed the warmage, then transmuted herself to lightning once again to escape the ring of foes that had encircled her, winding up between the party and the wall of force. Athena was able to strike with a ray that removed much of Culpangia’s Dexterity, and Maraed let fly with another charge from her wand of missiles.

In the end, Culpangia turned to breathe a cone of acid on the wall of force, and dove through, fleeing with the warmage still trapped in her gullet. The action will begin immediately in our next session as the party plans to pursue, not wanting this potent a foe to escape, especially not with an ally trapped inside!

Sunday, 8/15/10
Avriln 6th, 2053

...yeah, so I didn’t get this one written either. Another 500 exp for writing me a good write-up. This one was the session with the senile great wyrm and where we met a new party member.

Sunday, 8/8/10
Avriln 5th-6th, 2053

With the climactic battle over, the party took a cautious stance as eight falling “dots” resolved themselves as constructs that had been positioned at the throat of Shearphorus. The group fired a few salvos as they fell, but the constructs completed their fall by crashing spectacularly into the ground below, making no moves to defend themselves. Astria fired a burst of flame at one, and when it made no move to defend itself, Lumia cast an augury to determine the wisdom in attacking the constructs. She found that it would be wisest not to do so, and the party left the constructs alone. The party retreated and made their way into the area from whence their invisible assailants emerged, to use their house key and rest for the evening.

The next morning the exploration resumed, by going down the long shaft found in that chamber, coming out in the end to some sort of workshop, set with four large iron ports in the walls, and a workbench in the corner next to a pile of iron scraps. The pile was revealed to be the remains of a combat-oriented homunculus, and investigation of the ports in the walls showed that each produced a line of energy, one each for fire, acid, electricity, and cold. Opening all four ports at once proved to have no effect, so the group ferried up on Gwinni’s back and then down once more to the floor of the chamber below.

The bard, in the meantime, had elected to put on the crystal brooch worn by one of their assailants, and immediately found himself with a renewed insight into the workings of constructs, but the biggest surprise was yet to come. Upon catching sight of the abandoned constructs at the base of Shearphorus, he was filled with the sudden realization that this brooch conferred command of the constructs to its wearer, and as long as he could see a construct, he could command it at will.

Everyone then tramped up the circular ramp to the top, where a door opened to the presence of Athearlatrix, revealing a large circular chamber lashed by storms. Astria was the only one to explore far past the door, dodging countless lightning bolts and shrugging off others thanks to the resistance provided by her armor. A thorough examination of the promontory inside the door revealed nothing of interest, so the group retreated to the courtyard, there to consider options.

Sunday, 8/1/10
Avriln 5th, 2053

I just realized I never posted a description of the epic battle between the party and the invisible assailants. I also really don’t remember most of it and don’t feel like dredging my memory, so I’ll offer 500 xp to whoever wants to write it for me and does a “good enough” job. Read the previous days if you want examples. Email it to me, and I’ll replace this place-holder text with your write-up.

Sunday, 7/25/10
Avriln 5th, 2053

Fresh from last session’s cliffhanger, our bard, upon being faced with an undead dragon of unknown ability, reached into his trusty bag of tricks and drew forth a furry ball, which he threw towards the dragon, summoning a heavy warhorse. He also screamed like a sissy girl.

The dragon responded by breathing a cone of corrosive gas, and the battle was joined! Gwinni was her usual slow-to-act self, but everyone else was able to get at least one hit in, and took down the threat in remarkable time. Before they did though, the dragon pulled a Yoshi and snaked its tongue out to lick Valouge’s warmage ally and swallow him whole. Thankfully, the dragon’s explosive end freed the fiery mage from his gizzard prison, and Deirdre dismissed the lake of magma she summoned to cause the dragon’s demise.

Moving forward, the party braved the waving tendrils that had emerged from the floor, walls, and ceiling at the dragon’s command, and weathered with ease the gentle rain of acid that fell. The group searched for a way out of the cavern, multiple casters attempting to dispel the doors before the bard, in a fit of frustration, cursed at the doors in Draconic to simply “open!” which they of course promptly did. The lesson here, boys and girls, is that sometimes opening a door really is as easy as asking nicely.

The massive crypt doors opened onto an even more massive spiral ramp, spiraling up to a faint light to the left, or down into gloom and doom to the right. They of course went left, and after a bit of upwards climbing found themselves facing a massive circular courtyard of sorts, at the base of the unimaginably tall rock chimney that is Shearphorus. Two of the automatons that had been tangled with previously were stationed in the courtyard, one aligned of ice and the other of electricity. Both were handled easily, and the group thought that was all until a lance of purple energy crackled out of one of the passages high on the rock walls to blast into Deirdre. The shadowy figure moved back into the concealment of the passage, leaving its identity a total mystery.

Gwinni immediately shifted form to that of a dire eagle, and picked up her weasel to fly up to the passage. With the cunning use of an updraft spell, she was able to catch a glimpse of the party’s assailant, although she could not relate this information to the rest of the group in her current form.

Yay! New cliffhanger and more snarky DM banter for next week! Er… wait… ignore that last one! ;-)

Saturday, 6/26/10 and Sunday, 7/11/10
Avriln 5th, 2053

Two sessions combined because I’m just that lazy.

After defeating the two groups outside the emerald shrine, the party was faced with a decision. Aroon advised using the shrine to enter Shearphorus, whereas Gwinni’s spell indicated that the most direct physical route was up the side of the spire… about two thousand feet straight up. After some deliberation the decision was made to try going up, and after about 5 minutes of laborious climbing, the party found themselves at the opening to the spire. The opening of the natural rock chimney was guarded by four of the flying automatons the party had previously faced, as well as four similarly-sized automatons of an unfamiliar design. While the party probably could have been victorious, it was decided that fighting in the air was less than ideal, so they took the path of discretion and slowly wound down to the emerald shrine again.

Investigation revealed that the shrine was nothing more than a shallow cave with a portal inside, and they had no way of determining the portal’s destination. Deirdre possessed an amulet of communication, so the party used the Box of Allies to summon a helpful compatriot, who was given one of the communication crystals and sent through the portal. He died, very quickly. The crystal was returned to the amulet with a thought, and from its pitted surface the party was able to guess that the “oh god, it burns” and “I’m drowning” comments meant a lake of acid. Very astute.

Gwinni, Gorefang, and Masin were first through the portal, and found themselves in pitch black, raging winds, and in Gwinni’s and Gorefang’s cases, falling into a lake of acid. Others in the party soon followed, and hilarity ensued as the portal scattered individuals throughout the cavern that was filled with churning, frothing acid. Thankfully, Gwinni had the forethought to place a resist energy spell on the party members, so very little damage was actually suffered. A hole in the ceiling 10-ft. wide was discovered, and through some stone shaping was expanded into a plug large enough even for Valouge’s poke-mount to fly up.

On the upper level, the party found themselves in a much larger cavern, strewn with many bones. They barely had a chance to breathe when four figures rose from the bones, two zombies obviously animated from the half-dragon satyrs defeated outside, and two mohrgs controlling them. The battle was short but fierce, with the mohrgs landing several blows that ultimately proved ineffectual. The zombies were useless.

After the last remains were tossed down into the lake of acid, exploration of this cavern began in earnest. The cavern was larger than the last, and careful probing revealed four magical stasis traps, designed to capture and hold their victims for some unknown purpose. The thief was able to make short work of the traps, and after much searching the only other feature in the room was discovered to be a plug, 20 feet across, of solid vegetation in the ceiling. Between Valouge and Deirdre, a 5-ft. hole was punched through the 6-inch thick plant matter, and the bard cast invisibility on himself before flying upwards. He emerged through the hole to find himself facing an undead green dragon halfway across the chamber.

...and that’s the cliffhanger upon which we ended. Fun, no?

Saturday, 6/12/10
Avriln 5th, 2053

So this one took a little time to get written down, but meh. Relying on me to do it can cause that.

The party continued on from the guardian’s shrine, following the “golden star” in the sky to where it was revealed as a lingering spell above the fresh corpse of a golden great wyrm. As people approached, a ghostly apparition manifested, revealing himself as the spirit of Aroon. It turns out he wasn’t expecting this party at all (but then again, who does expect this party to show up?) but instead had sent for some other adventurers. The group managed to convince Aroonthat nobody else was coming, and that he should spill the beans.

I’m not going into a lot of details because it’s the players’ job to keep track of the details, but essentially Shearphorus has been overrun by some intruder, female with some metallic taint. The guardians are no longer behaving as they should, and Aroonhad to flee the place, but was beset by guardians and fell here, trapped in this place until the taint has been lifted from Shearphorus. He also revealed that the main entrance of the place was to fly up to the top of the 2,000ft+ spire where it’s open to the sky, but there are also some shrines throughout the bone field that were used by evil dragons to bring in sacrifices for their funeral rites. One of those shrines, the Emerald Shrine, is nearby and appears to be deserted of its proper guardians.

The group set out for the Emerald Shrine, after Gwinni cast a spell to reveal the most direct path to the center of Shearphorus. Upon approaching the hole in the hillside where the shrine is located, the group is beset by two separate forces, a group of half-dragon satyrs from the east, and a group of unknown draconic creatures from the north. The strange draconic creatures all died in spectacular fashion, four of the five dissolving into pools of acid, while the fifth literally exploded when it died. This lack of remains made any sort of further attempts at identification impossible.

Saturday, 6/5/10
Avriln 4th & 5th, 2053

Short version, I may come back to flesh in details later. We were in the dragon graveyard at dragonfall, Crystalbeard just bit the bucket. The party retreated to the edge of the graveyard to await Athearlatrix and the clerical assistance Valogue summoned, and spent a night in the building provided by the party’s house key.

By midafternoon the next day, the party was tired of waiting so Nasim teleported everyone back to Aroon’s basement in Dzorz, where Maraed snuck upstairs with Astria to check out what was going on. Meanwhile, Lumia and Athearlatrix were trying to bluff their way past the guards upstairs with little to no success. Maraed was able to overhear this, and with some dimensional doors Nasim provided, the group was united in the basement and passed through the teleportation circle back to dragonfall.

Once there, the group restarted their trek through the wasteland, encountering a strange flying construct that took a swipe at them with a line of electricity before “glitching” and starting to fly off. Astria was not content to let it go so followed with a searing charge to slam it in the air, fall 25 feet, and stick the landing just in time to have Nasim’s next bolts destroy the thing, erupting in an area burst of electricity that cleared Astria’s head by inches. Otherwise the trek across the ash dunes was uneventful.

Once out of the dunes, the party was able to see a strange structure on the horizon, circled by one of the strange flying constructs. This one ignored the party as they got close, allowing everyone to open up with ranged attacks in a surprise assault that completely annihilated the construct. This one blew up in a welter of acid, leading the group to suspect that there are different elemental varieties.

Investigating the structure itself revealed a strange spiral of bone walls, the center of which contained a blue dragon skeleton with the draconic for “guardian” carved into its bones, but its head had been caved in and completely destroyed. A careful search turned up a green dragon scale, which was identified as coming from the tail, leading to many questions about what has happened here.


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