Because of the unique makeup of the 12 Worlds, its cosmology is quite different from that of most settings. The cosmology is split into the prime material plane, 12 inner planes, and 12 outer planes. The inner and outer planes consist of three groups of four similar planes, with a similarity between the inner and outer groups. Each of these 25 true planes are infinite in scope.

There are also a near-infinite number of demi-planes, each unique in size and makeup. The one thing that they all have in common is that they are of limited scope, having a distinct “end” somewhere. Each patron has their own demi-plane, for example.

The Prime Material Plane

The prime material plane is separated into 12 individual facets, each one the home of one of the 12 worlds that gives this setting its name. The facets are individual and complete, although they share some similar traits such as their astronomy, and thus their calendar. The Church is the only organization that spans multiple facets, and they jealously guard the secret of travel between the facets.

When journeying on the planes, one may meet travelers from other facets, as the inner and outer planes are shared among the facets. However, traveling the planes does not allow one to jump from one facet to another (the single exception being the plane of shadow).

The Inner Planes

The twelve inner planes are grouped into three categories, the transitional planes, the elemental planes, and the aligned planes.

The Transitional Planes

The four transitional planes each serve to bridge a gap. These planes are used for travel, and all of them are co-existent with the prime material plane. They are the Astral, Dreamscape, Ethereal, and Shadow planes.

The Astral Plane

The astral plane serves to transition between the prime material plane and the rest of the inner and outer planes. When traveling astrally, you only encounter the facet of the prime material plane from which you originated. If a character did not originate on one of the 12 facets, they instead witness a randomly selected facet of the prime material plane. This can cause trouble for groups of creatures traveling together from one of the inner planes (i.e. celestials, elementals, etc.) as each member of the group determines a facet individually.

The Dreamscape

The Dreamscape transitions between the world of conscious thought and the world of subconscious thought. The dreamscape is a dangerous, constantly shifting place, and very few who travel there outside of their dreams ever return.

The Ethereal Plane

The ethereal plane is the transition between the world of the living and the pool of souls. Souls that are in their postmortem period can be found wandering the ethereal plane if one knows what to look for, and incorporeal undead can be found here, permanently trapped between life and passing on.

The Plane of Shadow

The plane of shadow is a strange, constantly shifting place, and serves as a transition between the facets of the prime material plane. The shadowed landscape is a nightmare reflection of the prime material landscape, except that angles don’t always line up and distances are never constant. Some scholars theorize that rather than the plane of shadow being a strange reflection of normal existence, the plane of shadow is actually the original creation and the fragmented facets of the prime material are the results of some great catastrophe before history was written. Needless to say, this theory is considered heresy by the Church and its adherents are wise not to spread it too openly.

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