Dragon Clans

Dragon Clans

The chromatic and metallic dragons of the 12 Worlds can all trace their ancestry back to one of the original forty clans, but only on Edinsett are the clans still recognized. Fifteen clans are comprised of chromatic dragons, whereas twenty-five of the clans are metallic. Two of those twenty-five have no surviving members on Edinsett, and are considered extinct.

The Chromatic Clans

Red Clans

Blue Clans

Green Clans

Black Clans

White Clan

The Metallic Clans

Gold Clans

Silver Clans

Bronze Clans

Copper Clans

Brass Clans

Army Structure

Every clan structures their army a little differently, and each clan’s forces will be updated within the individual clan description. To view an overview of the typical clan army structure though, as well as to get an explanation of the terms involved, go here.


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Dragon Clans

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