Edinsett is a world where dragons abound. Unlike in the other 11 worlds, the true dragons were not content to lurk at the edges of civilization, and on Edinsett the true dragons are civilization. City-states abound, led by families of true dragons as royalty. Chromatic dragons tend towards very hierarchal and feudal states with little individual freedom, whereas the metallic dragons tend towards more open and parliamentary states where they retain the power of veto but their subjects have a say in their laws. The island continent to the south is populated primarily by gem dragons, and their city-states run the full gamut of governmental styles.


The world itself has three main continents. They are named, unimaginatively enough, the Northern, Western, and Island continents, respectively.

I am currently working on a mapping project, so we don’t have specific maps available. Once I get those completed, we will.

In the meantime, a couple specific locations have stood out as places of interest. They are:

  • Dzorz
  • Ingledye (formerly known as the city of over-there)
  • Lodenburg (city on the island continent formerly known as over-yonder)


Much of the global history of Edinsett is not written down, as its rulers have very long memories. However, a few key events stand out in shaping the world into its current shape.

The Clans

The metallic and chromatic dragons of Edinsett are divided into numerous clans, this section goes into detail about the individual clans.


Certain organizations are worth mentioning, whether they be non-dragon clans, guilds, secret societies, etc. Here’s where to find them.


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