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12 Worlds: Dragonscape

Welcome to the 12 Worlds. This is a setting in progress, so much information gets made up as we go along. This setting is a radical departure from the majority of the campaign settings out there, in that it does not use an “afterlife” model of existence – instead, reincarnation is the name of the game. This changes the whole basis of the classes, as the flow of life to death and back to life provides the magic that is wielded by some, worshiped by others, and feared by many.

Much of the material in my campaign documents references copyrighted materials, most of them copyrighted by Wizards of the Coast, some by other authors. I will do my best not to infringe on anyone’s copyrights, if you see something that is a copyright infringement please let me know and I will remove the infringement ASAP. I’m just someone who loves to play the game, please don’t take this as anything but.

With that in mind, let’s get to the nitty-gritty of this setting, especially as it pertains to the Dragonscape campaign!

12 Worlds Character Building

There are several significant differences when building a character for any 12 Worlds campaign from another campaign. see this section for those differences.

Universal Constants

Some things that we take for granted, certain laws of physics, do not hold true in the 12 Worlds. The two moons of the 12 worlds create intricate cycles of light and dark at night, and dictate the calendar. While the 12 Worlds have unique geography and cultures, certain things remain true across all twelve of them. That’s what you’ll find here.


This campaign will likely not involve travel to any of the other worlds, instead being set in the world of Edinsett. Here is where you can find information about this world’s races, customs, geography, etc.

the other worlds

I do want to touch briefly on the other 11 Worlds, so here is where you can find that information.


Because the 12 Worlds is based on a reincarnation model, religion obviously changes quite a bit. Here’s where you can find important information about that.


The 12 Worlds does not have the same planar cosmology of any other setting with which I am familiar. This section details its cosmology.

House Rules

As with any campaign, I run with some house rules that should be written down. Here’s where you’ll find them.

Quick Reference

Here’s a few of the most commonly accessed Wiki pages, for quick reference:


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Main Page

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