Religion in the 12 Worlds is a very complicated thing. Only one true deity exists, although he grants no clerical powers. Instead, a multitude of quasi-deities, known as “patrons,” exist to grant clerical powers, in return for service in the afterlife. The Church exists across the facets to promote worship of the creator god, as well as protecting forbidden knowledge.

The Creator God

I don’t really have any more details yet. It’s not really come up, as nobody in this party is affiliated with the Church.

The Church

I originally had information about The Church on this page, but I started getting too much, so now it’s got its own page.

The Patrons

Each patron has its own alignment, favored weapon, and grants access to a single domain. Thus, the same number of patrons exist as domains. Clerics are granted their abilities by patrons, in return for a promise to serve that patron after death. Clerics still face the normal alignment restrictions with regard to their patron. All patrons have one neutral aspect.

When a cleric dies, his soul is bound to serve his patron in the afterlife for a number of years equal to his cleric level(s). The more power he is granted by his patron, the longer his term of service must be. This extends the normal time limit for resurrection spells. Souls in service to a patron may only be resurrected by another cleric of the same patron.

Because the list of patrons is so extensive, click here for the individual patron descriptions.

The Afterlife

The 12 Worlds cosmology operates on a reincarnation model – all life comes from the pool of souls, and all life returns to the pool eventually. It is this pool that powers all magic, and allows all life to exist. Because all souls are drawn back to the pool after they die, any attempt to raise or contact the dead must be done before a soul rejoins the pool. Once rejoined, that individual entity is lost, its knowledge feeding the further existence of the universe. An individual soul may resist the pull of the pool for a number of days equal to his or her effective character level. Essentially, this imposes a second time limit on raise dead or resurrection spells, in that a character can not be returned from the dead once his or her soul has moved on. Outsiders, elementals, and other creatures that cannot be resurrected are assumed to surrender their life energy to the pool of souls immediately upon their deaths.


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